Italian Libyan Business Development Association

The Italian Libyan Business Development Association (ILBDA) offers integrated solutions and assistance to Italian and Libyan companies and SMEs. ILBDA is the first non-profit association to have a representative office in Tripoli from 2017 and will soon also be available in Benghazi.

Our priority today is to help companies in the construction of infrastructures for priority projects in Libya, contributing to the development of Libya and helping the two countries to reach win-win and inclusive partnership agreements for Italian and Libyan companies.

We have in-depth knowledge of Libya which allows us with our international partners to provide "turnkey projects" in all sectors such as energy and renewable energy, construction, agriculture, health, education, tourism, ecology, telecommunications and new communications, infrastructure road and port.

We offer comprehensive advice, from the choice of location to legal advice, from market research to security and logistical support.

Through forums, meetings and trade missions we contribute to strengthening dialogue and the creation of partnerships and collaborations between companies and start-ups, also through Tunisia. The neighboring country, pending the reopening of the European skies to Libya, remains a logistically and commercially obligatory passage, as well as a meeting point between two continents and cultures.

The president of ILBDA, Sandro Fratini, has decades of experience in North Africa with a vast network of contacts in Libya and Tunisia.



Putting in place public-private partnerships (PPPs) Procedures for access to public procurement Local sub contracting consultancy Project management Support in contract negotiation Support in adaptation of business plan Assistance in Credit Recovery Representation Locations Economic Forums Meeting BtoB


In business, in addition to technical knowledge, it is often imperative to meet the right people to insure success. With our extensive professional network, we facilitate communication and collaboration. Relationships building sessions with authorities, embassies and municipalities help in building trust and lasting relationships.


ILBDA aims to help customers identify all actors whose influence are critical and can serve or threaten their economic interests. We help you in promoting your business through media, social networks, TV channels and radio.



ILBDA offers membership in two categories: 1. Companies that are based in Italy or that have significant activities in Italy. 2. Libyan companies that are interested in having closer relationships with Italian companies.


Membership Application Form 2021